Zulu Design Services

Branding & Marketing

Zulu Design will evaluate your current efforts in order develop and implement a brand strategy that will help your business grow. Communicate your value to the market, guide the conversation and build recognition. Define your tribe and build your relationships.

A modern brand must resonate across various mediums of communication including print, internet, and social media. We will use our understanding of these technologies to ensure that you are communicating effectively with your desired market while maintaining the consistency required for brand recognition.

Logo Design

The key element of an iconic brand is a strong logo. Through research and collaboration, Zulu design will gain an understanding of your business and create the icon that will be the face of your brand for years, even decades, to come.

Trade Show Displays & Booths

Whether you wish to own or rent, Zulu Design will work with you and a professional exhibit company to determine what type of exhibit is appropriate for you. We will then design and manage production of the display, having it delivered to your event on time, across North America

Website Design

Zulu Design offers various tiers of website design from simple HTML & CSS driven sites to larger CMS (Content Management System) sites. If you are long on technical ability but short on creativity, we will design a template that you can implement on your own.

Print Design

From colour laser prints to 4 Colour process with special finishing requirements, Zulu Design can handle all your print design and production needs. We can work with your printer or handle the entire process, delivering the finished product to your door.

Digital Presentations

Whether you need PowerPoint or video presentations to support your self promotion, Zulu Design can meet your needs.